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Naomi Season 1 Episode 8

Naomi Season 1 Episode 8 Soap2Day

Naomi must take special care to protect her identity after Jacob shares obscure information with her and Annabelle. Greg and Jennifer celebrate their 20th Wedding Anniversary while also giving serious consideration to their future and how best to protect Naomi. Meanwhile, Dee and Zumbado disagree on how Naomi should be trained for a larger, very imminent threat. Nathan and Anthony choose the comic bookstore for their class volunteer project, but Lourdes finds their presence to be more of an intrusion into her private life.

Naomi Season 1 Episode 8 review

The Naomi Season 1 Episode 8 TV show was thought out by the director to the smallest detail, and the result is really worthy, the storyline develops organically.

In 2019, several decent television TV show were released, but only in this I saw the perfect acting game that made the characters in this TV show as real as possible.

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Views: 6

Serie: Naomi


Episode Title: Fellowship of the Disc

Air Date: 2022-03-22


Naomi Season 1 Episode 8
Naomi Season 1 Episode 8
What is the title of this episode?
Naomi Season 1 Episode 8 got a title: Fellowship of the Disc
When was this episode shown for the first time on TV?
Naomi Season 1 Episode 8 released on 22.03.2022.