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Ghost Quake

Ghost Quake Soap2Day

A group of students is trapped at school after a time capsule from the 1950’s is cracked open by an earthquake. The students soon realize that ghostly spirits escaped from the time capsule, and possessed the principal and three other teachers.

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Views: 118

Genre: FantasyHorrorThriller



Duration: 84 min


IMDb: 3.1

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What are the user ratings of "Ghost Quake" movie?
Viewers from all over the world gave the movie the following ratings: IMDB - 3.1.
Who is the creator of the movie Ghost Quake?
The director of the movie Jeffery Scott Lando.
How long is the Ghost Quake movie ?
The movie runs for 84 minutes.
When was the release of the movie Ghost Quake?
The film was released on wide screens 25 Aug 2012.
What are the genres of the movie "Ghost Quake"?
Film is in the genres of Fantasy, Horror, Thriller.