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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ghosts of Christmas Past Soap2Day

Ellie, a serial ‘ghoster’ on dating apps, is told by a fortune teller that she must resolve her past and make amends with all those she ghosted before Christmas, or she is destined to never find true love! Over the course of one week, she takes it upon herself to track down all the men she ghosted before the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve and discovers love in the process.

Ghosts of Christmas Past review

Ghosts of Christmas Past Soap2Day - I liked the gorgeous play of the actors and the general atmosphere, which throughout 85 minutes was a great background for the development of a non-banal plot.

Definitely liked and made me think, the free movie, the plot of which will not be subject to time, it will always be one of the best in the genre Comedy, Romance.

The free movie was released in 2021 and immediately received high ratings from free online movie critics and viewers, the catchy plot captures attention instantly and keeps it until the very end.

Working with Virginia Abramovich, the actors gave their all, creating a chic free movie that takes pride of place in its popular direction.

In this movie, Angelica Alejandro, Annie Clark, Dan Jeannotte really believe, they were able to realistically convey the full range of emotions of their characters, telling their story in detail.

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Duration: 85 min


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Ghosts of Christmas Past
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Ghosts of Christmas Past
What stars have appeared in the movie "Ghosts of Christmas Past"?
How long is the Ghosts of Christmas Past movie ?
The movie runs for 85 minutes.
What are the genres of the movie "Ghosts of Christmas Past"?
Film is in the genres of Comedy, Romance.