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I for India

I for India Soap2Day

Drawing from 40 years’ worth of film footage and tape recordings her father sent to family members in India, filmmaker Sandhya Suri crafts a personal history that also explores the experiences of Indian expatriates. After moving to Great Britain in 1965, Yash Pal Suri chronicled his discoveries about his new home along with his feelings of alienation. The fruits of his labor appear in this film that received a Grand Jury Prize nod at Sundance.

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Views: 44

Genre: Documentary


Duration: 70 min


IMDb: 6.7

18510 1

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

What are the user ratings of "I for India" movie?
Viewers from all over the world gave the movie the following ratings: IMDB - 6.7, Rotten Tomatoes - 100%.
Who is the creator of the movie I for India?
The director of the movie Sandhya Suri.
How long is the I for India movie ?
The movie runs for 70 minutes.
When was the release of the movie I for India?
The film was released on wide screens 14 Nov 2007.
How many nominations did the movie I for India win?
The film took the following: 1 win & 1 nomination.
What are the genres of the movie "I for India"?
Film is in the genres of Documentary.