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Power Book IV: Force

Power Book IV: Force Soap2Day

Tommy Egan leaves New York behind and plans to take on Chicago, using his outsider status to break all the local rules and rewrite them on his quest to become the biggest drug dealer in the city.

Power Book IV: Force review

The worthy and non-trivial plot of the Power Book IV: Force Soap2Day TV show set the creative bar very high, now it can rightfully be considered the benchmark in its genre.

The dynamic storyline has gone through all the 1 of the season, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that is inherent only in the best TV free TV show.

Only 8 episodes, and they fit a full story, in which love and lies, friendship and betrayal, naivety and arrogance were ideally combined.

2022 really became the year of the best TV shows, and this one that I liked the most, a masterfully filmed exciting story.

I have watched more than a dozen TV show in the genre of Crime, Drama, but none of them caused such a storm of emotions as this one, I highly recommend watching.

Masterfully thought out plot details, give out the Robert Munic signature style, he set an incredibly high creative bar in this online TV show.

I do not miss a single premiere of the studio Atmosphere Entertainment MM, End of Episode, G-Unit Film & Television, Lionsgate Television, and this time everything, as always, is perfect, bravo to the excellent work of a team of professionals.

Anthony Fleming, Gabrielle Ryan, Isaac Keys, Joseph Sikora, Kris D. Lofton, Lili Simmons, Lucien Cambric, Paulina Nguyen, Shane Harper, Tommy Flanagan were the perfect find for the TV show, they were flawless in their roles, placing a clear emphasis on the complex nature of the main characters.

Power Book IV: Force
What is the average time of a one episode of "Power Book IV: Force"?
One episode goes 60 minutes.
In what genre is the TV show "Power Book IV: Force"?
The TV show belongs to the following genres: Crime, Drama.
Which TV network produced the "Power Book IV: Force"?
This TV show was created by Starz.
What is the user ratings for "Power Book IV: Force"?
At the moment, TMDB the rating of the tv show is 9.
What is the status of this TV show at the moment?
Right now, the series has the status: Returning Series.
In what year was the "Power Book IV: Force" premiere?
The first episodes were released in 2022.