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Son of a Critch

Son of a Critch Soap2Day

A coming-of-age story set in St. John’s, Newfoundland of 11 year-old Mark, much older on the inside than his 11 years, who uses comedy to win friends and connect with people in his limited world.

Son of a Critch review

Son of a Critch Soap2Day is a special TV show for me, it is very dynamic and full of plot twists, I love it when events develop rapidly.

The dynamic storyline has gone through all the 1 of the season, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that is inherent only in the best TV free TV show.

I watched the 5 TV show so different, but not losing the thread of the narrative, in one breath, I really liked the idea of ​​the talented director.

I watched almost all worthy 2022 TV show, and in this I saw a full-fledged storyline, with unexpected, but quite logical twists.

In the genre of Comedy, this online TV show is really one of the most worthy, it has all the details that turn an ordinary story into a real masterpiece.

Masterfully thought out plot details, give out the Mark Critch, Tim McAuliffe signature style, he set an incredibly high creative bar in this online TV show.

CBC, Lionsgate Television, Project 10 Productions, Take the Shot Productions worked this time in its best traditions, the TV show captures the viewer`s attention from the first minutes, involving it in an exciting narrative.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Claire Rankin, Malcolm McDowell, Mark Critch brought the TV show to the rank of the best in its genre, they were able to pass through themselves the pain and joy of such complex and ambiguous characters.

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TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 22 min


10 1 1645


Starring: Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Claire Rankin, Malcolm McDowell, Mark Critch,

Son of a Critch
Son of a Critch
Son of a Critch
What is the average time of a one episode of "Son of a Critch"?
One episode goes 22 minutes.
In what genre is the TV show "Son of a Critch"?
The TV show belongs to the following genres: Comedy.
Which TV network produced the "Son of a Critch"?
This TV show was created by CBC Television.
What is the status of this TV show at the moment?
Right now, the series has the status: Returning Series.
In what year was the "Son of a Critch" premiere?
The first episodes were released in 2022.