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The Serpent Queen

The Serpent Queen Soap2Day

Considered an immigrant, common and plain, Catherine de Medici is married into the 16th century French court as an orphaned teenager expected to bring a fortune in dowry and produce many heirs, only to discover that her husband is in love with an older woman, her dowry is unpaid and she’s unable to concieve. Yet, only with her intelligence and determination, she manages to keep her marriage alive and masters the bloodsport that is the monarchy better than anyone else, ruling France for 50 years.

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Views: 367

Genre: Drama


Studio: ,

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 49 min


10 1 1645

TMDb: 6.5


Starring: Amrita Acharia, Barry Atsma, Danny Kirrane, Enzo Cilenti, Nicholas Burns, Samantha Morton,

The Serpent Queen
The Serpent Queen
The Serpent Queen
What is the average time of a one episode of "The Serpent Queen"?
One episode goes 49 minutes.
In what genre is the TV show "The Serpent Queen"?
The TV show belongs to the following genres: Drama.
Which TV network produced the "The Serpent Queen"?
This TV show was created by Starz.
What is the user ratings for "The Serpent Queen"?
At the moment, TMDB the rating of the tv show is 6.5.
What is the status of this TV show at the moment?
Right now, the series has the status: Returning Series.
In what year was the "The Serpent Queen" premiere?
The first episodes were released in 2022.