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Sunday’s Illness

Sunday’s Illness Soap2Day

Annabel is a successful businesswoman with a wealthy husband. At a reception in her villa she meets a woman, a member of the catering staff who has been hired for the evening. This woman is none other than her own daughter Chiara, whom she had left over thirty years ago. Chiara was just eight years old at the time. She now approaches her mother with an unusual request: to spend ten days together with her.

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Duration: 113 min


IMDb: 6.9

343110 1

Rotten Tomatoes: 89%

Metacritic: 92/100

Sunday’s Illness
Sunday’s Illness
Sunday’s Illness
Sunday’s Illness
What are the user ratings of "Sunday\'s Illness" movie?
Viewers from all over the world gave the movie the following ratings: IMDB - 6.9, Rotten Tomatoes - 89%, Metacritic - 92/100.
Who is the creator of the movie Sunday\'s Illness?
The director of the movie Ramón Salazar.
How long is the Sunday\'s Illness movie ?
The movie runs for 113 minutes.
When was the release of the movie Sunday\'s Illness?
The film was released on wide screens 15 Jun 2018.
How many nominations did the movie Sunday\'s Illness win?
The film took the following: 7 wins & 12 nominations.
What are the genres of the movie "Sunday\'s Illness"?
Film is in the genres of Drama.